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Why Choose Us

Custos Fiduciary Services was founded to provide differentiated, focused trustee services to employee-owned companies. Although ESOPs were created by law as an employee benefit plan, they were also designed as a tool of corporate finance and require capital markets sophistication to thrive.


Institutional-level capital protection with $5 MM of insurance coverage on par with the largest institutional ESOP trustees


Trusted advisor with inside-company perspective


Broad industry expertise from client transactions and operational experience

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What We Do

Transaction Approach

  • Common sense approach to the needs of corporate stakeholders
  • Institutional-like capital and processes
  • Goal to execute successful and compliant ESOP transactions and ensure that company-sponsored ESOPS are administered prudently, effectively, and efficiently

Compliance Experience

  • Expert-level understanding of the requirements for ERISA compliance
  • Relevant real-world capital markets, business operational and valuation experience
  • Advisory team with many years investment banking, ESOP and valuation experience

Fiduciary Process

Transaction process that reflects best practices from ESOP and private capital markets to arrive at a deal conclusion quickly without skipping steps

Intensive due diligence of valuation advisory professionals

Match legal & valuation advisory team with transaction drivers for a best-fit to the transaction

Internal trustee advisory board and technical valuation review ensures deal is grounded to market value and highly compliant

Representative Transactions

Midwest Specialty Electrical Contractor

100% ESOP Purchase

Cosmetics Contract Manufacturer

2nd Stage ESOP Transaction

Leading National Architectural Practice

Partial ESOP

Southern California Fire Protection Company

100% ESOP Purchase

California Commercial General Contractor

100% ESOP Purchase

California Central Valley Specialty HVAC Contractor

100% ESOP Purchase